chaika 1


Residential building CHAYKA1 was developed as a complex of two symmetrical parts that form the common volume. In order to free up the southern corner as much as possible and to find a good exposure, the building is located diagonally in the property and the long facade has a pure southern exposure, while the side-view ones are directly to pure east and west. Residential complex “Chaika” is a neighborhood where it is necessary to stimulate the plain-volumed architecture, both visually and urbanly – with a lower density and a greater height, respectively, observing the shading and the distance to existing buildings. This makes it possible to design point buildings with a compact shape and to preserve the existing vegetation as much as possible, as well as to provide an area for a new one.

The inter-block space of “Chaika” residential complex is part of the character of the neighborhood, which excludes  creation of narrow street spaces between buildings. If we restrict the height, we will get large buildings that will take up a large area of the property, destroy to a great extent the available vegetation and create worse housing. If there is a desire to control the construction in “Chaika” neighborhood, it will not be done by artificially reducing the height, but by adopting specific urban and aesthetic requirements for the future buildings in each property..

GBA: 6130 m2

Investor: Dilov Invest Ltd