“THE CUBES” are 5 two-family bungalows positioned in Baltata locality. They offer comfort and privacy in a cool forest setting, at a location adjacent to the Albena resort facilities and sand beaches. Each “CUBE” encompasses two flats on separate floors and entrances. The flats are almost identical – living space with kitchenette, bedroom opened to the living room and a bathroom. Each flat opens to a separate private terrace on the garden level. The compact composition that has been targeted, together with the requirements of function, result in a cubical volume with a side dimension of 6.45m. The staircase leading to the upper floor creates a diagonal that crosscuts the mass of the building. This element is repeated on the remaining facades, thus curbing the outer terraces. The contrast of the diagonal zones is further enhanced by using two different materials – plastering and timber.

Investor: Albena AD