RESIDENTIAL BUILDING Kalina, situated on Tintiava street, Varna is looking for a cohesive appearance of the city facade and individuality in each apartment. The project proposes for 8 above ground levels and an underground parking. The ground level has an office and other public service functions.

We looked for clean architecture and maximum amount of useful residential area. You can find repeatability in the constructive and functional plans, which leads to a well formed visual grid on the facade. Also in the windows, which are protruded out by adding a solid element, that varies in color, shape and placement. This leads to the facade being both structured and chaotic. The unity is achieved with homogenous light plaster, while for the inside of the balconies 3 different colors and 3 different typologies are chosen. The balconies at the southeastern corner of the building form a volume that combines the two facades and highlights the office entrance which is situated on the corner.

GBA: 6940м2,

Investor: Kris Building Ltd.