Residential building „KOMBINA“ (Combine), as the name suggest, is a combination of contrast and identity, heavy and light, past and future. KOMBINA is the combination of two styles with their identities separated by a century, which speak in their own language, but are intertwined in a dialogue. KOMBINA is a conversation between two architects, one of them a hundred years younger. KOMBINA is the team that worked on the project, every member with their own experiences and ideas. KOMBINA is the dialogue with the owners, whose soul is soaked within the thick walls of the building for 90 years and even through the architectural metamorphosis, will remain there. KOMBINA is the movie filmed between those walls, considered the first modern Bulgarian criminal action movie, there are remains of it in the interior even today, which through planned exterior elements will remain in the history of the building. KOMBINA is the new building, which speaks with its neighbors, with the street silhouette and with the city matter, which it fits. KOMBINA is, or at least we hope to be, a prime example of a dialogue in time of architectural egocentrism.

GBA: 2247,18м2

Investor: MEN AT WORK AD