The diverse Balchik setting, featuring buildings, greenery and rocks, acts like a background for the compact white volume of PERLA hotel that seems like a stylish replica of the eroded cliffs surrounding the town rather than a colorful accent. The design of the building is a consequence of particular existing conditions – sloping site of considerable difference of levels, limited width of plot, defined distance of 3m from the border lines. The best way to follow this limitation was to place a most compact building on the highest part of the site – the north end of slope. The hotel includes SPA facilities, a café and an underground parking lot. In order to fulfill the requirements of the program, the design includes a second flat volume of the complex in the lowest part of the site near the beach. It contains apartments on 2 storeys with panoramic view over the sea. Its roof is organized as a roof garden and terrace to the café. All the flats in the main higher body of the building have got sea view.