This project for a small city hotel S23 seeks a new reading of the characteristic elements of the neighboring buildings through interrelationships of shapes, proportions and other characteristic elements and their actual interpretation in a new rhythm in order to achieve a smooth connection between them. Thus, the new building naturally takes its place and works for the harmonious silhouette of “Saborni” Blvd.

The idea is the new city hotel to have its own specific modern vision, which differs from the surrounding buildings, but at the same time through the interpretation of colors, shapes and materials to make a clear reference to its surroundings. The facade solution is in compliance with the characteristic vision of the building – immovable cultural property ICP and with the achieved continuity successfully fits into the environment.The main functions of the hotel are housed in 2 bodies. Body A consists of 5 floors and one attic, which houses the lobby and hotel rooms. In body B are located the kitchen of the restaurant, administrative and technical premises and a small conference hall in the attic space. The two buildings are connected by an additional building of light metal construction, which in summer can be opened to the garden. It houses the restaurant hall, which is connected to the hotel lobby. The two main buildings are connected by an underground floor, occupying the plot area.

GBA: 1953 м2,

Investor: Dilov Invest Ltd