WIN & WIND is an assemble of two boutique apartment hotels. Their white, curvy and simple architecture will transform these buildings into significant silhouettes of the landscape. The plots are perpendicular to the road and with a significant level difference in direction to the seа. The main entrances are situated 3m below the street level, but this decision is an advantage because that way they are cut from the car noise. Every apartment hotel is composed with apartments, panoramic bar with a swimming pool, fitness center, underground parking. The main part of the apartments are studios orientated to the south with view over nearby Albena complex and the sea. The goal was to create large mono spaces with big windows and terraces. All big apartments are in the south-eastern part, on the opposite side of the buildings to the road, and they have double or triple exposition.

GBA: 4366 м2

Investor: Prima-S Property LTD